What To Remember When Moving Home?

You’ve just bought yourself a new home and you are really excited about shifting there. The first thought is really exciting however, following with the panic of having to pack all your goods and accessories and shifting from one place to another. Here are a few expert tips that would help you to be ever ready when you move to a completely new place.

1# Manage your packing smartly

Whenever you hear that you have to move, you must make yourself a daily quota where you would do some amount of packing in a day so lessen the strain. This will help to ease to load on you that actually might take place in the long weekends. Avoid doing all your packing in just one day and allocate little timings for the same. Remember that you have to unpack as well.

2# Try and avoid the cardboard boxes

Try and avoid cardboard boxes, which would save you the effort of packing, taping with sellotape and then using bubble wraps. Instead, try out sturdy wooden boxes with attachable lid that can be rented from carious companies. They are cheaper and eco friendly when it comes to shifting. These eco friendly cardboard boxes are really useful when it comes to packing .You can also pack up your range of shabby chic furniture with the help of movers and packers.

3# Do not pack your apparels and garments

It is definitely a waste of time to pack all your apparels and your make up stuff. Instead, you can just call movers and packers and then would help take your clothing in the hangers and drop it at the relevant place. So this would save you the effort of ironing your clothes once again when they are out.

4# Switch all your utilities

Choose an appropriate day when you would like to shift for good. Intimate the Utility companies from beforehand and just switch your utilities to your new location. Also ask for a maintenance call once you have settled down at your new place.

5# Make adieus easier

It is really heart breaking when you leave your old location and your old neighbors to shift to a new place. In order to lighten the pain you can put up a Pinterest board where you can write things on how to decorate and set up your new home. This will help to ease the burden of having to say goodbye.

6# Do not wait for the truck

Try and arrange some of your things before the truck comes. Try rearranging the bathrooms and the kitchens from beforehand so that it is a little more convenient for you. This will help you when the real things actually start coming in.

7# Always feel happy that you are in your new home

Try and enjoy the moments in your new home and visualize the new surroundings and your happiness in them. The sooner you pack and settle down, the better it would be for you.

8# Meet your neighbors

Always try and make friends with your neighbors. Hold a party with your neighbors so that you get to know them better.

9# Discover local resources

Take a walk in the locality and discover new shops and new friends. You never know what you may like and how you may blend with the new society. These are some points that you may take into consideration while shifting to your new home.

10# Move all your belongings

Move all your belongings into their new places so you can start living your new life in your home. It’s recommended to hire cleaners from London once you’ve decorated and moved your belongings so that your house is completely spotless and ready to be lived in.


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