Taking Proper Care Of Your Home Photocopier

Regardless of the type or model of the photocopier, it is important to know how to take care of your photocopier properly. This includes the way you use, clean and maintain the photocopier and its parts. If the photocopier is not used and maintained properly, the cost for maintenance and repairs will be huge and it might even lead to the need of purchasing a new photocopier. The cost to purchase a photocopier is expensive which makes it appropriate for owners to know how to keep their machine in top condition. Aside from the cost, some of the office works will be halted if the photocopier is broken and will cause inconvenience and loss of income.

Here are several tips on how to use, clean and maintain the photocopier properly from Suppliers Compared.

  1. Choose the paper wisely. Aside from the result, the quality of the paper used will also affect the performance, durability as well as the rate it requires to do maintenance on the photocopier. High quality papers will leave less dust, debris and shavings inside the photocopier. All these particles will accumulate inside the photocopier and could affect the performance of the machine. The paper inserted into the machine should be clean, dry and dust free.
  2. Take care of the glass. The glass can greatly affect the quality of the copies since it determines how well the photocopier could receive the image from the original copy. Regular cleaning of the glass is recommended. To clean the glass properly, use a glass cleaner and a non-abrasive piece of cloth. The glass cleaner should never be sprayed directly onto the glass. Before putting the original copy above the glass, it is important to check unwanted materials that might be stuck to the paper. Staples, paperclips and other objects may scratch and damage the glass.
  3. Keep the ink cartridges clean. Check if there are dust and debris at the ink nozzle. Ink nozzle can be cleaned using a cotton swab with water or alcohol. It is recommended to follow the manual in checking the cartridge to keep it from damaging.
  4. Clean the dust inside and outside of the machine. Clean the photocopier regularly to keep the dust from accumulating on the machine. For hard to reach spaces in between the parts of the photocopier, a small brush will do the trick.
  5. Follow manufacturer’s instruction on removing paper jams. It is not advisable to forcefully remove the paper because it may damage the machine. If it is impossible to do it yourself, a service technician will be up to the task.
  6. Check and refill the toners regularly. It is recommended not to wait for the cartridges to run empty before replacing them because it will lessen the quality of the copies. If the cartridge is running low, make sure not to have the photocopier make large numbers of copies.

Compared to paying for repairs and service technicians, proper maintenance and usage of the photocopier is way more convenient. A few minutes a day to check for dust and light cleaning is more than enough to prolong the lifespan of the photocopier.


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