Some Interesting New Home Technologies

Some of us love to keep our home up to date especially when it comes to furniture. Originally furniture just served the purpose of filling the gaps in our homes to make them look more homely but now technology is being introduced into the mix. If you’re wondering what exactly is up for offer in the furniture department just take a look at a few of these.

Electric Recliners

We all thought the introduction of reclining sofas was amazing but now they’ve come even further. You can now recline without the effort of having to pull the lever.51QALWU-ERL._SY355_

Massage Chairs

Now we’re talking about chairs it’s time to bring up the king of all chairs, the massage chair! Imagine sitting and watching your daily television programs whilst having all the tensions of the day wiped away.massage-chairss

Mirror TVs

Gone are the days where we have to have sit and watch TV from a big black box that takes up half the space of our living room space. Now is the time for mirror TVs from Overmantels. You don’t have to compromise on the style of your home for entertainment and it’s also a great way to save space.43-on_0

Fireplace Coffee Table

We all have that little table that sits in the middle of the room. Originally the table is meant to hold everyone’s cups when sitting in the living room, hence the name, however it really just ends up with a bunch of unwanted papers and clutter. Well why not make it better and combine it with fire, you can keep cosy and warm and make the most of your coffee



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