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4 Reasons Estate Agents Should Use Aerial Videography

P1070140-1024x440The estate agency business is all about location and how it’s been presented to potential clients. There are too many estate agents working from many years. But the question is how are you going to stand out from competitors and get most clients on board? You need to change the way you present your property in a different and more attractive way. One way to do that is to make use of aerial videography that is gaining popularity day by day. You can showcase your plots, apartments or bungalows in a totally different way to your clients and develop interest in your properties.

Real Time Video Surveys:

It is a digital age and you should get benefit from the technology we have today. Instead of hiring a professional aerial photographer like Sky Fly who’d take beautiful photos of your properties, you may use aerial videography to show potential clients properties with different angles. Watching motion picture is way better than seeing stills of landscapes and buildings. Because people like watching more attractive things in motion. With UAVs, you can show them real time video and let them feel the texture and design of walls and rooms of that apartment all on their smartphone.

Cost Effective:

It was in old days when such video shots used to cost millions of pounds on different expenses but now, it just takes fraction of that expense so you don’t need to worry about the cost. You may hire a professional service to set up UAVs for your business or purchase different equipment on permanent basis. There are too many products in market on reasonable prices. And if you don’t know how to operate drones and UAVs then you may hire any professional with affordable packages.

Show What’s In Neighbourhood:

Usually, estate agents tend to emphasize on interior design, number of rooms and parking areas while showing the client an apartment or building. So how about if you could show them what’s in suburbs of that place without driving them all the way down to main road? Yes, aerial videography can do the task very well for you and show nearby areas and famous public points without even visiting them in person. This will add a good impression on your client and will put in your greater chances of closing the deal as soon as the client shows you green signal.

High Resolution Picture Quality:

A common perception is that any camera loses its focus at a considerable distance from the main object. But with UAVs, you can still have high quality picture results while making a video or showing that apartment, building or bunglow live. In latest UAVs, you can achieve best results with improved lense quality and capture the hi-res video of your property not only from outside but also from interior view. Having quality videos means more attractiveness which leads you to close the deal at a profitable amount. Because people love to spend more money on luxurious things and you can make your properties look more luxurious with HD picture quality.

Useful Tips When Planning To Build A House

building a homeNot everyone has the opportunity to build a house multiple times. Even most people will not build their own house unless they are skilled. Since it is rare for people to have the ability to build their own house efficiently, it even becomes a challenge for them to plan for a house. However, even people without any experience in house building can still plan for their house efficiently. They only need to know which aspects are necessary in for house building. And here are the useful tips people can follow when planning to build a house.

  1. Secure suitable land – Unless people want to become illegal settlers, they need to purchase land first where their house can be built. And not all land is suitable for building a house. Some land is weak and not suitable to sustain the weight of the house. There is land which is solid enough for house building while other land needs modification to make them suitable for building a house.
  2. Know your budget – No matter how vast the land you own, your house will always be limited to your budget. Determine how much you are investing for the house and center your decision to the budget. Make a plan suitable for your budget and hire a building contractor which fits to your budget. If you don’t have a clear grasp of how much you will be spending for the house, you could end up putting the construction in halt or spending more just to finish the house.
  3. Look for a building contractor – Building contractors or builders in North London are necessary for building a house. They have experts to manage the construction project from planning to completion of the project. Another example of an expert would be Aston James Associates. Building contractors also have the necessary manpower and construction equipment to work on the project smoothly. Make sure to spend a significant amount of time when looking for a building contractor.
  4. Create the plan – Once you hired a building contractor, you need to create the plan for the house along with your contractor. You can coordinate with the experts to come up with a plan which features all that you want for your house while making it possible to build. This plan could include finding the best company who supplies the best Topsco kitchen worktops in Surrey. The plan should be finalized before starting the construction to avoid wasting time and materials.
  5. Secure the contract – Securing a contract with your building contractor is necessary before starting the project. This will help you avoid unexpected issues which could put you in a bad situation. You can also demand a list of expenditures if you include it in the contract. Always have an adviser review the contract before signing it to ensure that you know everything in the contract.

With these tips, you can plan for your house systematically instead of going around in circles or preparing randomly.