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Some Interesting New Home Technologies

Some of us love to keep our home up to date especially when it comes to furniture. Originally furniture just served the purpose of filling the gaps in our homes to make them look more homely but now technology is being introduced into the mix. If you’re wondering what exactly is up for offer in the furniture department just take a look at a few of these.

Electric Recliners

We all thought the introduction of reclining sofas was amazing but now they’ve come even further. You can now recline without the effort of having to pull the lever.51QALWU-ERL._SY355_

Massage Chairs

Now we’re talking about chairs it’s time to bring up the king of all chairs, the massage chair! Imagine sitting and watching your daily television programs whilst having all the tensions of the day wiped away.massage-chairss

Mirror TVs

Gone are the days where we have to have sit and watch TV from a big black box that takes up half the space of our living room space. Now is the time for mirror TVs from Overmantels. You don’t have to compromise on the style of your home for entertainment and it’s also a great way to save space.43-on_0

Fireplace Coffee Table

We all have that little table that sits in the middle of the room. Originally the table is meant to hold everyone’s cups when sitting in the living room, hence the name, however it really just ends up with a bunch of unwanted papers and clutter. Well why not make it better and combine it with fire, you can keep cosy and warm and make the most of your coffee



Top 5 Window Blinds For Decorating Your Windows

3591063Decorating windows and secondary glazing for listed buildings is as tricky as decorating your whole place from start to end. Windows have equal importance and if missed to decorate them, they’ll seem like an ugly corner or a big hole into your wall disturbing all your arrangements. So it is wise to keep your windows decorated wisely with right approach.

Covering them with curtains is an old school trick that might not work now so you need to think a little differently. Try blinds, they look modern and give you less hassle for controlling light, they also give you more privacy over curtains. So visit and they’ll help you get the ball rolling.

Roman Blinds:

Roman blinds basically are made of fabric such as silk or linen and beautifully fit in with other interior of the place. They fold up nicely without messing up with each of the layer. The best part is, you can have them in different color and style as per your interior plans for your bedroom or living room. You may try a colored roman blind instead of any conventional tasteless roman blind. This way, you can control over light and keep the place look stylish.

Exterior Shades:

Another great way to choose for your empty windows is to go with exterior shades that are also called exterior blinds as well. Basically, they can help you cover not only windows but big areas such as patios, porch area or doors as well. They are best known to block light and darken the place more effectively as compared to any other type of window blinds. You’ll find different colour options, texture and material to match with your house’s overall interior design.

Pleated Blinds:

Pleated blinds are one of the elegant and most stylish type of blinds to decorate your windows. They work very nice and roll up very smoothly. Basically the work like roller blinds but instead of rolling all the way up, they slide up in a symmetric system. They are controlled by cord usually but you may use a cordless pleated blind for your window as well. You may choose from different colours or go with the universal white colour to match with your walls and give your place some value.

Cellular Blinds:

Cellular blinds are also a nice option to cover your windows and keep your privacy secured. They are also used to insulate any house, building or office to keep the place cold in summer and warm in winter season. You may ask your blind fitter to show you different varieties of cellular blinds and choose from a vast variety in terms of colours, sizes and texture style.

Vertical Blinds:

Vertical blinds are one of the most elegant blinds to decorate and cover your windows. They work on same rule to cover the windows and control light but instead of rolling up, they tend to slide left or right. Vertical blinds look fashionable due to their unique way of opening and closing that makes them different from conventional blinds.

Advantages Of Having Holiday Cottages Away From Home

barchfarmhouse3During holiday season, people will either stay at home or travel to some beautiful places to relax and enjoy the holidays. Though staying at home with the family is a great way to spend the holidays, the family members will often get distracted or receive some visitors which could prevent the family from spending a lot of time together. Traveling during the holidays can provide the family the maximum time for them to stay together. The time they will spend together will increase exponentially once they will not bring any gadgets during the holidays. When it comes to spending holidays outside your hometown, you can camp outside, stay in a hotel, bring a trailer or secure a holiday cottage. When it comes to these shelter options, holiday cottages from Cool Coastal Lets provide the most advantages. And here are the major advantages of have holiday cottages.

  1. Availability – Compared to hotel or owning trailers, holiday cottages are often available in most of the best holiday locations. Even during holiday seasons, there are still available holiday cottages for people who didn’t book in advance.
  2. Time efficient – Using a tent is very time consuming even for seasoned campers. The time needed to setup a tent will increase for beginners. On the other hand, holiday cottages are already setup and you simply need to unpack your luggage.
  3. Secure – Security is one of the top priorities for people. This is also true during holiday seasons. Holiday cottages provide sufficient security to prevent unwanted visitors from endangering the people inside.
  4. Convenient – Holiday cottages are designed to make people live as comfortable as they do at their own home. There are different furniture and amenities installed inside holiday cottages. Some even have verandas for people who love spending their time reading or watching their kids play around the cottage.
  5. Weather resistant – Strong winds or heavy rains can become disastrous for campers using tents. With holiday cottages, such undesirable weather conditions will not matter much as cottages were built to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  6. Spacious – Tents are crampy and hard to move around inside it. For holiday cottages, space is not an issue. Cottages have multiple roams as well as spacious living room. Some cottages are spacious enough for children to play around the house.
  7. Location – When using tents or trailers, you still need to find a good location to set them up. Meanwhile, holiday cottages are already built on great locations thus you can be sure to have a wonderful time during the vacation.

With all these advantages of having holiday cottages, it is hard not to use one during the holiday season.


How To Choose Property Management London Companies

Hands and  house model. Real property or insurance concept

There are thousands of properties in London for rent. Some are whole buildings while other are rented per unit. In order to manage these huge properties, most owners would hire property management London companies. Since the property management London industry is a huge industry, there are thousands of property management London companies offering their services. If you are not sure which property management company to choose, here are some tips you can use.

  1. Fees – You might be surprised that there are many different fees property management London companies can charge you. The basic is the management fees while there are others such as maintenance & repair or accounting fees. If your property management company is saying you only need to pay a single fee, check the contract thoroughly to avoid any hidden charges.
  2. Owner’s Income – Since property management companies will be handle collection of rent, check how the company will send the rent to you. Some will use checks or give the income right away to the owner while others will have the owner setup an account to deposit the rent.
  3. Tenants Deposit – Most rental properties will require deposit from the tenants, make sure you know where the deposit will be stored and if possible it should be in your account to avoid losing any money which tenants will ask as refund.
  4. Rent Setting & Collection – Since the property management company will look for quality tenants, they will also set and collect the rent. You need to know how they will set and collect the rent and if the rent is reasonable.
  5. Maintenance & Repairs – Some property management London companies will have their own crew to perform maintenance and repairs while others hire contractors. Ask how frequent they will perform maintenance & repairs and if they also allow tenants to do it themselves.
  6. Inspection – Tenants will inspect the unit first before they decide to move into the unit. Property management companies should conduct inspection once in a while in the unit but have to inform the tenants first to avoid any issues.
  7. Marketing & Retention – A property management company with a great marketing strategy to get new tenants as well as convince tenants to stay in the unit for a long time is important.
  8. Screening – Know how the property management company screen new tenants. Backgrounds and the ability to pay should be assess to avoid delay or any issues in the property.
  9. Credentials – Check the credential of the company as well as how many clients they have and whether their clients are satisfied with their services.
  10. Size & Staff – Check how many staff are working for the company and also the specific property manager they will be assigning to your property.
  11. Customer Service – In case you or the tenants have any issues, check if the company have a 24/7 customer service hotline.

Now you know how to choose among the property management London companies to hire.