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The Best Season To Sell Your Home – An Inside Scoop Thanks To Wetherell – Mayfair Estate Agents

There is a common opinion that the best time to buy a house is the fall and the best time to sell a house is spring. Even though there is merit to this argument, it is imperative to understand that not always everything is concrete and definitive. Decisions can be influenced by plenty of variables that come into play in the real estate circus. Wetherell has tips that can make life a bit simpler.Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 17.02.29

What is the Best Time to Sell?

As per logic, the best time to sell is, of course, spring time. Spring has the best weather that makes it agreeable for house showings. Apart from that summer is the best time to move places logistically, most people prefer to buy houses during the spring time. For families with children, summer is the best time to move as it is the off season for schools. Spring time also helps in showing off gardens and landscapes. Spring sales, however, can be a problem if you are selling one of those many identical houses in the suburbs. In that case, you may have to consider professional staging.

What is the Worst Time to Sell?

The holiday season isn’t exactly the time you want to sell your home. People are often stressed out and busy during the holidays and their entire focus is on the family for most people. Also, remember that the winter is the one of the most travelled seasons and hence there are fewer buyers. There is a popular opinion that only desperate sellers sell their homes during the holiday season, which invariably may induce buyers to bargain aggressively with you.

In spite of the winter months not being favourable, many think that January and February months aren’t good months to sell their properties. This is a misconception as stats prove otherwise.

Sell When the Features of Your Home offer Maximum Impact

It is important to showcase your wares at the appropriate time to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from the sale of your property. For example, if your home has a beautiful pool, buyers will be impressed if you show it to them on a hot summer day, or during the night time with the dazzling night pool lights on. It may not be a good idea to show it to them when the pool is filled with fall leaves or melting snow.

  • If you have a showpiece fireplace, leave it burning during late winter or fall viewings. Buyers will certainly be impressed by the warmth it offers them.
  • If you do not have centralised air conditioner, it is best recommended that you sell the house during moderate weather during early spring or the fall season.
  • If your house has a wonderful landscaped garden, ensure that you sell it at the time when the flowers are in full bloom. Buyers will fall in love with the beauty of it and other shortcomings such as a smaller home will be overlooked.
  • If the best features of your home are the skylights and windows, then ensure that you show your home when the sun is shining at its brightest.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Portable Air Conditioning

Every product regardless of the brand and model has its own pros and cons. Even the most sophisticated gadgets and latest models such as Essex boilers from Spicers have their drawbacks that go along with the advantages. Fortunately, the market releases new and improve models which surpass their predecessors as time progresses. Each new model is designed to minimize the disadvantages of the previous models while increasing the benefits the public can enjoy from it. This constant improvement of products combined with the new generation of smart consumers leads to the trend where shoppers put more emphasis in weighing the advantages and disadvantages of the products in making a decision. This holds true when it comes to portable air conditioning. People research and read their best portable air conditioning reviews guide and articles which can provide them information about the pros and cons of not only the different models but the portable air conditioning as a whole. Here are the advantages and disadvantages common to portable air conditioning units today.


  1. Portability – Portable air conditioning has been designed to overcome the weakness of fixed-installed central and window air conditioning. Portable air conditioning units can be moved from room to room. This is perfect for singles living in a house with multiple rooms but rarely use several rooms at a time.
  2. Easy to Install – Installation is a hassle for people who newly acquired air conditioning units or just moved to a new place. They need to employ an HVAC contractor to help them install the air conditioner. This is not the case with portable air conditioning units. Along with the easy-to-follow instructions manual, portable air conditioning units only require people to properly place the hose that is installed with the unit and then it is good to go.
  3. Cheaper Installation and Purchase Cost – The total cost to startup a portable air conditioning in the house is way cheaper. The portable air conditioning units are generally smaller than other air conditioners leading it to be cheaper to purchase than regular AC units. Without the need to hire an HVAC contractor for the installation, one could save 100% of the installation cost with portable air conditioning units.
  4. Functionality – Unlike windows and central air conditioning system, portable air conditioning units can do more than just cooling the room. Most units have multiple functions which include heating, dehumidifier, air purifier and fan. This makes an ideal air conditioning unit for changing weather and room conditions.
  5. Operational Cost – Compared to a central air conditioning system, which require a powerful air con unit, portable air conditioning units require lesser energy since it’s designed to cool a single room only and not the entire house.


  1. Efficiency – There is a difference in comparing the efficiency of portable air conditioning and window air conditioning in a single room. The main reason is the difference in the location of the compressor installed in the unit. Compressor releases heat when running. Window air conditioners have their compressor outside the house which means the heat will not affect the room temperature. On the other hand, portable air conditioning unit has all its parts inside the room including the compressor which means the heat is also released inside the room.
  2. Noise – With the whole portable air conditioning unit inside the room, noise will be very noticeable compared to window air conditioning unit which has most of its body outside the room thereby making it less possible for the noise to be heard inside.
  3. Room size – Some rooms are large and the portable air conditioner is not equipped to cool larger rooms making it inefficient to use.
  4. Convenience – Some portable air conditioners are large making it a hard task to move from room to room for most people.

Portable air conditioning units will always have advantages and disadvantages. The important thing to consider is to find a model that will provide most of the benefits and has the least number of disadvantages.


Taking Proper Care Of Your Home Photocopier

Regardless of the type or model of the photocopier, it is important to know how to take care of your photocopier properly. This includes the way you use, clean and maintain the photocopier and its parts. If the photocopier is not used and maintained properly, the cost for maintenance and repairs will be huge and it might even lead to the need of purchasing a new photocopier. The cost to purchase a photocopier is expensive which makes it appropriate for owners to know how to keep their machine in top condition. Aside from the cost, some of the office works will be halted if the photocopier is broken and will cause inconvenience and loss of income.

Here are several tips on how to use, clean and maintain the photocopier properly from Suppliers Compared.

  1. Choose the paper wisely. Aside from the result, the quality of the paper used will also affect the performance, durability as well as the rate it requires to do maintenance on the photocopier. High quality papers will leave less dust, debris and shavings inside the photocopier. All these particles will accumulate inside the photocopier and could affect the performance of the machine. The paper inserted into the machine should be clean, dry and dust free.
  2. Take care of the glass. The glass can greatly affect the quality of the copies since it determines how well the photocopier could receive the image from the original copy. Regular cleaning of the glass is recommended. To clean the glass properly, use a glass cleaner and a non-abrasive piece of cloth. The glass cleaner should never be sprayed directly onto the glass. Before putting the original copy above the glass, it is important to check unwanted materials that might be stuck to the paper. Staples, paperclips and other objects may scratch and damage the glass.
  3. Keep the ink cartridges clean. Check if there are dust and debris at the ink nozzle. Ink nozzle can be cleaned using a cotton swab with water or alcohol. It is recommended to follow the manual in checking the cartridge to keep it from damaging.
  4. Clean the dust inside and outside of the machine. Clean the photocopier regularly to keep the dust from accumulating on the machine. For hard to reach spaces in between the parts of the photocopier, a small brush will do the trick.
  5. Follow manufacturer’s instruction on removing paper jams. It is not advisable to forcefully remove the paper because it may damage the machine. If it is impossible to do it yourself, a service technician will be up to the task.
  6. Check and refill the toners regularly. It is recommended not to wait for the cartridges to run empty before replacing them because it will lessen the quality of the copies. If the cartridge is running low, make sure not to have the photocopier make large numbers of copies.

Compared to paying for repairs and service technicians, proper maintenance and usage of the photocopier is way more convenient. A few minutes a day to check for dust and light cleaning is more than enough to prolong the lifespan of the photocopier.